Leading media and event organizer expands services by partnering with leading outsourcing service provider.


The team at Hipther Agency (parent brand for European Gaming Media and Events / PICANTE Media and Event), leading media/news organization and boutique-style conference specialist, is excited to announce a partnership with IT Labs.

The partnership helps expand the service offering of the agency and also adds another step towards becoming a one-stop agency.

Among the company-owned brands, you can find the leading news portals such as EuropeanGaming.eu, EEGaming.org, iGamingRadio.com, Picante.Today, TheBlockchainExaminer.com, TheFintechBuzz.com, Roboticulized.com, and GrassNews.net

Hipther Agency also has a famous events portfolio, which includes CEEGC Budapest, CEEG Awards, Prague Gaming Summit, MARE BALTICUM Gaming Summit, The Baltic and Scandinavian Gaming Awards, European Gaming Congress, Southern European Gaming Awards and the TECH Conference Europe (TCE) series.

Hipther Agency is built to include a platform of services that aim to help startups, mid-size companies, and even big companies gain the relevant exposure they need to increase their brand awareness. Among the services, we are happy to start offering scaling tools which come under the form of outsourcing services. IT Labs has over fifteen years of experience in the field and has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and skills, making them the perfect partner for our clients and future partners”, stated Zoltán Tűndik, Co-Founder, Co-Owner and Head of Business at Hipther Agency.

“When you have a business partner with whom you share the same vision, passion and have smooth cooperation, you know you’ve hit the jackpot. I can honestly say, that in Hitpher, we found that, and much more. I’m sure that in future we’re going to accomplish many great things together”, added Kostandina Zafirovska, General Manager of IT Labs.

The newly offered services include:

  • Consultancy & technical strategy
  • Innovative solutions development
  • Big data & data science solutions
  • Cloud & DevOps
  • Mobile apps
  • Graphic design & user experience

You can read more about the newly listed services and get in touch to start a collaboration on the following link.


About Hipther Agency

Hipther Agency is the parent brand for several new outlets and boutique-style conferences which are represented in large by European Gaming Media and Events, and PICANTE Media and Events.

Launched in 2019, the agency enhances the offering of the two leading brands under one strong parent brand by also offering new services and tools for a worldwide reach.

For more details visit www.hipther.agency

About IT Labs

IT Labs, the Outsourcing Sponsor of Prague Gaming Summit, is a global technology development company specializing in providing next-generation, high-performance teams for organizations that wish to develop their project or extend their internal team with a long-term, process-driven, and high-quality team.

Their teams focus on the entire product lifecycle management cycle, from idea and concept-building to a polished, high-quality product. With a presence on three (3) continents, the IT labs footprint continues to grow on an international scale.

Since the beginning, their teams have been providing high-quality, innovative solutions in multiple industries and for different size customers ranging from small, funded startups, all the way to Fortune 1000 companies. For more details, visit www.it-labs.com


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