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SYNOT Group has successfully participated in this year’s Belgrade Future Gaming Exhibition which took place in Serbia.

Many companies presented their products during the event. The SYNOT group’s stand covered an area of 120 square metres and was represented by the companies SYNOT W, SYNOT Interactive and SYNOT Games.

“At this year’s exhibition, we presented our stand with a new design. It was complemented by graphics with highly attractive games from SYNOT Games – Zeus Wild Thunder and Thirsty Viking. We exhibited a total of 20 gaming machines, including our latest products and focusing mainly on the Balkan market, which we consider very important within our operations,” Roland Andrýsek, Sales Director of the SYNOT Group, said.

Among the exhibited gaming machines were the UP2-32 cabinets and Eclipse FL-32, both equipped with three 32-inch Full HD screens. They were showcased with the Explosive Games Premium+ software (Blue, Green and Yellow), featuring new linked games Lightning Fruits and Mistress of the Realm.

The UP2-32 cabinet was also exhibited with the Firebird Red and Blue gaming systems, the Eclipse FL-32 featured the Firebird Purple gaming system with the progressive multigame jackpot system Magic Ball Link and 43-inch jackpot display. Magic Ball Link was also exhibited in set of UP1-24 cabinets.

As part of the online section, comprehensive iGaming solution from SYNOT Interactive was presented, as well as the latest online slots from SYNOT Games. The entire online section was demonstrated on a totem with a touchscreen monitor and on mobile devices.

“As in previous years, the individual products attracted a great deal of interest from visitors. We also had a number of meetings with existing and potential business partners during the exhibition. Each similar event is an opportunity for us to explore further business cooperation possibilities and strengthen our current market position,” Roland Andrýsek said.


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