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Roobet has announced the launch of Snoop Dogg’s first game with the company, called Snoop’s Hotbox.

As the company’s Chief Ganjaroo Officer, the new game is based on Roobet’s original game, Crash.

Roobet Co-founder Matt Duea said: “It’s incredible having Snoop Dogg on board as our Chief Ganjaroo and game collaborator. Snoop is edgy and lives outside the box, which makes Roo the perfect partner.

“We’re here to push the boundaries of what’s possible to provide the best entertainment for the next generation of gamers, and being the first to do things like this proves we’re working hard and lifting heavy against a sea of check-writers who make set-and-forget marketing.

“Together with our Chief Ganjaroo, we’re slowly Snoopifying Roobet’s games offering. HotBox brings Snoop’s humour to life on Roobet 24/7, and it’s full of fun surprises for our players. We’re honoured to be the ones who made it happen.”

Snoop Dogg said: “I enjoyed the whole process of Snoopifying Crash and makin’ it the Snoop Dogg way. So let’s roll, keep it positive and have some fun.

“Roobet took amazing care of me even before they realised who I was, bringing the ultimate player experience, and I been sayin’ Roooooo ever since.

“We share the love of doing new things, and we care about our fans – so we’re gonna change the game and do it better than it’s ever been done.”

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