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Notice #2023 – 05 Issuing Division: Audit

DATE: January 9, 2023

TO: All Group I Nonrestricted Licensees and Interested Persons

FROM: Phil Katsaros, Board Member

SUBJECT: Proposed Changes to Minimum Internal Control Standards

The Nevada Gaming Control Board has made revisions to the proposed Minimum Internal Control Standards (“MICS”). The initial drafts of the MICS revisions were dated October 24, 2022.
Based upon the comments received, revisions have been made to the initial drafts of the proposed MICS (Version 9). The “Proposed Revisions Resulting from Industry Comments” is provided to address specifically those MICS which have been revised. The document can be obtained from the Board’s website at

Please be advised that all comments have been thoroughly considered and the Board believes the revised proposal adequately meets the objective of all parties involved. In accordance with Regulation 6.090(3), and prior to the official adoption of the MICS revisions, opportunity is being given at this time to provide any final written comments. These comments must address the specific MICS number and any alternative wording, and may be submitted by email to the attention of Special Agent Nathan Riggle at [email protected]

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