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At the 2022 Vixio Global Regulatory Awards, Better Collective was awarded for its efforts within compliance.

The fifth Vixio Global Regulatory Awards took place last night in London. For the fourth consecutive year Better Collective won the award ‘Commitment to Compliance by an Affiliate Company’. This recognition was awarded to Better Collective for its industry-leading compliance initiatives and for its compliance best practice.

This award is a indeed a testament to Better Collective’s dedicated work in paving the way for a transparent and trustworthy industry.

Jesper Søgaard, CEO and Co-Founder of Better Collective:
Integrity is a core focus here at Better Collective. We have built our business on the principles of adhering to high compliance standards while continuously enhancing the experience for sports fans by educating them on safer gambling. Therefore, we are very proud that our persistent efforts to operate in accordance with the applicable regulation in each and every aspect of our business once again are honored.

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