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Copenhagen Flames, a Danish esports team with serious ambition, renewed its partnership deal with Streamcoi, a streamer management platform. Streamcoi technology is used by teams such as G2 Esports, BIG Clan, FURIA or Giants Gaming to manage and monetise their streams. After a successful year of working together, both organisations decided to extend the partnership for another three years.

Copenhagen Flames has a roster of world-class CS:GO and Fortnite teams. Besides official games and tournaments, they connect with fans through pro-player and content creator live streams. Copenhagen Flames uses its streaming channels to communicate with the fan community and display business partners’ content. Michal Galewski, Head of Content at Copenhagen Flames, explains the organisation’s approach to streaming here. Manual management of these broadcasts has been challenging and time-consuming and Streamcoi has assisted in automating this process.

By using Streamcoi, Copenhagen Flames efficiently displays content on over 13 streamers in their roster. From a single manager dashboard, the organisation can easily coordinate the campaigns of its sponsors on all channels at once. Furthermore, thanks to Streamcoi’s detailed statistics, the team’s partners (ie: RedBull, Razer, OMEN) get insightful and meaningful data, which is crucial for effective marketing.


Michal Galewski, the Head of Content at Copenhagen Flames, says:

We have tried different services oat claim to do the same thing over the years, but Streamcoi is simply better than the competition. The service and support have been flawless since day one, and I cannot see a future where Streamcoi isn’t our number 1 choice for Twitch advertising/marketing. Can’t wait to see what features they come up with next!

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