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Monoverse, a blockchain gaming company and developer of play-to-earn NFT game Frutti Dino, secures a $3.1 million investment from Korea Real Estate Investment and Trust (KOREIT). The investment is based on Monoverse’s long-established blockchain expertise and showcases KOREIT’s faith in its disruptive potential in the larger gaming industry through both games and game platforms.

This funding enables Monoverse to keep expanding into the blockchain gaming space, with the focus on enhancing Frutti Dino. Monoverse is also developing Entropy, a platform that allows any game developer studio to easily migrate their games to an Entropy sidechain and join its larger ecosystem. Entropy unlocks decentralization benefits to traditional gaming projects by removing their need to create their own sidechain.

Monoverse also announces its collaboration with Gametopia, a digital game development studio and subsidiary of Taiwanese game development and publishing company Chinese Gamer. Monoverse will enable Gametopia to move its games to the Entropy blockchain and incorporate tokenomics and NFTs into their design, giving players ownership of their digital assets.

Monoverse plans to use Entropy to onboard third-party games, both traditional and NFT-based, including Frutti Dino, onto its sidechain. The Entropy sidechain features low gas fees and high transaction processing speed, offering developers tangible advantages over Ethereum and other popular layer-1 chains. Entropy promotes more widespread adoption of blockchain-based gaming by removing technological entry barriers and easing games’ move from the traditional model into GameFi.

The investment round and collaboration continue Monoverse’s hot streak, following the successful launch of Frutti Dino NFTs on Binance. In the meantime, the Frutti Dino community has grown to over 100 thousand participants worldwide. The team continues to expand and polish off the Frutti Dino content, prioritizing both its gameplay and tokenomics.

“We are thrilled to continue developing blockchain and advanced games at the cutting edge of technology with support from Korea Real Estate Investment and Trust,” says Jayden Lee, CEO of Monoverse. “We are grateful to our community for the continued outpour of support, and we’re certain this funding round will kick our growth into a whole new gear.”

“As an expert in the growing blockchain and NFT game industry, Monoverse is well-equipped to make waves in this competitive global market,” says a representative of Korea Real Estate Investment and Trust. “We are happy to set the stage for Monoverse to grow and will actively support the project to help it sustain its success.”

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