HeadsUp Entertainment International Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of its proprietary new iFundRaiser platform. This technology ecosystem has been developed to provide a solution for charities and organizations to quickly and inexpensively launch an end to end engagement system to raise funds and offer a next generation mechanism to its clients using digital gaming and media.

“The COVID-19 Pandemic and its affiliated severe negative economic impact has dramatically changed the world in many ways and charities have been one of the most impacted victims of the world’s new realities. Golf tournaments, galas, speaking events and traditional fundraisers are no longer a viable means for most organizations to gather their benefactors and supporters to raise money for their causes and we have the answer” commented HeadsUp CEO Doug Wilson. “Using the tools we have with gaming licenses, digital technology, media production and payment processing we can deliver a complete solution.”

The iFundRaiser platform will be tailored to each client to build an embedded online experience for maximum exposure. Whether the platform offers an online poker tournament, 50/50 draw, celebrity endorsement, online slot machine or casino game, daily fantasy sports contest, streaming virtual media event, auction or digital gaming experience, the HeadsUp product offers charity management a complete end to end solution to monetize their databases and supporters without the cost, time and experience of licensing and building gaming fundraising infrastructure.

“I have spent the last 30 years raising money for good causes, over $2 Billion to date, and this is the best product I have ever had the opportunity to introduce” stated HeadsUp Chief Business Development Officer Mark Hutchinson. “I have already been able to bring major global partners to HeadsUp to allow us to do the hard work of raising money in very difficult times globally.”

Already in negotiation, the iFundRaiser opportunity has been presented to organizations from military to wildlife groups and from local to global organizations that will be able to plug into the digital gaming experience and go to market immediately with everything from draws, lottery, bingo, 50/50, watch and win, donate and win and play to win with iGaming products.

Designed to drive millions of followers to the HeadsUp sites and applications, the platform takes the risk away from its Charity clients and through licensed gaming and new media engagement tools does all the work in a safe, secure and innovative environment.

HeadsUp has engaged and partnered with several world-renowned partners to aggregate the operations under one roof and monetize it through revenue share agreements. The estimates of traffic and dollar volume of funds raised from iFundRaiser are substantial.


SOURCE HeadsUp Entertainment International Inc.

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