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The United States Patent Office granted Table Trac, Inc. a patent for SYSTEMS AND METHODS OF FACILITATING INTERACTIONS BETWEEN AN ELECTRONIC GAMING MACHINE, GAME PLAYER, AND A CONTROL SYSTEM, a patent providing for touchless secure monetary management at gaming machines.

The patent is embodied in a mobile application that facilitates cashless functionality to the gaming industry in a touch-free manner. Our Approach gives mobile applications using this technology the ability to allow game players to perform a series of actions that would normally be done on gaming machines using their personal devices. These functions include moving funds from their casino accounts onto games. In addition, promotional events with awarded promotional credits can be added to games for extended play.

“It is timely that this patent has been issued now. Table Trac Inc has been responsive in providing gaming floor technologies to address concerns raised in the era of COVID-19, including Dynamic Auto Social Distancing software and Clean/Disinfect shutoff and mapping software for our CasinoTrac CMS system customers,” said Chad Hoehne, President & CEO at Table Trac Inc. “This new patent showcases our unique approach to providing this technology, and we look forward to partnering with others in the industry in providing patrons with options to play safely.”

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