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SPORTS crazy Brazillians can now back their teams all the way with the most advanced sportsbook in the LATAM market.

BetGold is a sportbook and casino platform, specialising in Brazil and LATAM, with local and international sports fixtures, popular payment methods including Boleto and is available in Brazilian-Portuguese, Spanish and English.

It’s been launched by successful international company, OGaming whose CEO Thomas Golding, said: “As a market Brazil has huge potential.

“The country is synonymous with sport – it’s ingrained in the culture and inevitably that presents huge opportunities for betting operators like us.

“BetGold is a user-friendly platform built on state-of-the-art technology to meet the specific needs of the market. It ensures players will find the software and payment processes easy to use – and most importantly, it is exciting and fun.

“We are an international company with a data-driven and technology-first approach which has invested significant time and energy to understand the culture and the market.”

BetGold is OGaming’s second foray into the Brazilian/LATAM market and replaces the brand ‘RioAposta’.

“Through RioAposta we learned a lot about the local markets, partners and customers meaning that through BetGold We can offer the perfect product to Brazilian customers regardless of their favourite team or sport.

“To ensure the new brand really connects with sport fans we’ve also invested in other marketing opportunities that are common in Europe – for example shirt sponsorship.

“We are pleased to say Brazilian teams Santo André and Bovista, from Rio de Janeiro, now have our logo proudly emblazoned on their shirts, promoting BetGold and showing our true commitment to grassroots sports in Brazil,” said Thomas.

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