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DTI Solutions has recently been appointed as a strategic reseller partner in the European Union (EU) for W2. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as the two companies come together to provide comprehensive identity verification solutions including Know Your Customer (KYC), PEPs and Sanctions checks, fraud prevention, and financial risk affordability services. With DTI Solutions’ expertise in fraud and cyber security, combined with W2’s cutting-edge technology and data intelligence, customers in the EU can now access a powerful suite of tools and services to enhance their compliance processes.

This partnership between DTI Solutions and W2 holds great promise for businesses operating within the EU. By leveraging W2’s advanced identity verification solutions, companies can streamline their customer onboarding and due diligence processes, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements while mitigating risks. With the increasing focus on data security and regulatory compliance, this collaboration comes at a crucial time, providing EU businesses with the means to verify customer identities, conduct thorough background checks, and prevent fraudulent activities. Together, DTI Solutions and W2 are set to empower organizations across the EU with robust identity verification solutions for enhanced customer trust and operational efficiency.

Lynsey Hoxha, Head of Channel Partnerships at W2 commented “We are excited to be announcing DTI Solutions as a strategic reseller. We have been working closely with the team on how W2’s solutions can feature within their leading fraud, cyber security, and risk management services, and we now believe we have found a perfect collaboration between both companies to best serve our clients, partners, and prospects.”

Leonidas Panagopoulos, Chief Business Development Officer at DTI Solutions commented “We are excited about this partnership with W2, as it allows us to provide our clients in the European market with an even broader range of solutions to address their cyber security and identity verification needs. By combining our respective strengths, we are confident that we can deliver exceptional value and support to organizations in their efforts to combat fraud and protect their digital assets.”


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