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CN Loteria Românã, the operating company of Loto Romania, is reviewing whether to expand the product portfolio of the national lottery to include a fixed-odds and online sportsbook offering.

The operator has issued notice to The European Lotteries (EL) and World Lottery Association (WLA), informing the bodies that it requires guidance on developing an “organised framework to cater for an organic consumer demand in sports betting”.

Loteria Românã has requested guidance from fellow WLA and EL members on the funds and investment needed to operate an effective sportsbook framework.

The notice disclosed that Loteria Românã will review proposals by “interested parties” to operate its fixed odds betting and online sportsbook. The submission closing date is January 31.

Proposals for cooperation must include details on client portfolios, sportsbook systems used and an initial outline on how the partnership would work.

Authorised by the Romanian government, Loteria Românã serves as the “exclusive contractor” of the eastern European country’s lotteries for land-based and remote draws.

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