Coljuegos, the national gambling regulator in Colombia, has revealed that the industry tax revenues totalled COL$ 680 million (€185,000) in 2019, with funds set to be distributed to Colombia’s national health services. The 2019 figure represents a 16% increase on the COL$574 million (€151,000) of gambling tax revenues collected during 2018.

A breakdown of figures saw “local” gambling halls and bingo establishments generate 57% (COL$ 382m) of 2019 industry income, as Coljuegos surpasses the COL$ 3 billion (€800,000) mark in funds generated for Colombian health services since its inception in 2012. Online gambling saw an 81% increase in tax revenues, generating COL$ 70 million representing 10% of total tax income.

Updating stakeholders, Coljuegos President Juan Perez Hidalgo underlined that Colombian gambling’s improved tax efficiency supported the regulator’s governance of the marketplace.


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