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G.Round Introduces New Private Playtest Service, Ensuring a Secure and Controlled Testing Environment




G.Round, the community-driven playtesting platform for games in development, has announced the launch of its new Private Playtest Service. Now game studios and publishers can privately test their games with a select group of users in an identified, controlled, and watermarked secure environment. And, with invaluable feedback and insight, they can improve their games substantially prior to commercial launch.

The service follows a straightforward process, ensuring they can efficiently and effectively test their games. To guarantee a high level of confidentiality and provide complete control over user access to their games, the process consists of the following steps:

● Private Testing Consultation: At an early stage, G.Round will set up an introductory meeting with the client to gather comprehensive insights into their specific requirements and strategically plan private testing. Through this meeting, G.Round will help to create private tests that are unique to the client’s testing requirements, such as targeting demographics of age, gender, region, genre preference, and hardware environment.

● Studio / Publisher Onboarding: G.Round provides a simple onboarding process for Private Tests. During the onboarding process, clients can further customize their private test experience by creating surveys and research questions for testers that are unique to their game. Clients can also integrate G.Round’s proprietary SDK package to gather in-game data, which will be analyzed together with G.Round’s real user data.

● Creating a secure Game Testing Environment: Each tester for private tests will undergo a vetting process to ensure suitability in a controlled game testing environment. This process includes signing non-disclosure agreements and verifying personal credentials before acceptance into the Private Test program. Such measures minimize the risk of uncontrolled testing. The platform also includes additional security features, such as an authentication tool for access, file encryption for increased security, and a watermark inscribed on all recordings of the games.


● Real-Time Game Testing: Studios and publishers will be given appropriate tools to gather real-time engagement data from testers. This includes dashboard tools for live feedback, dedicated communication channels for the testing group, and live G.Round support members to guide them through the process. This ensures clients have a convenient and seamless experience throughout the testing phase.

● Outcome and Results: Once the game has collected all feedback from testers, a personalized and comprehensive report will be prepared for the client. The report will not only encompass a professional review of the game but also include an analysis of candid feedback from private game testers. This will help the developers and publishers gain subjective insights into the game’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as refine different game mechanics. In addition, the clients will receive copies of video recordings of the testers’ gameplay, including highlighted sections so that they would have an extended perception of how the game was engaged by testers.

G.Round’s founder and CEO, Danny Woo, commented: “By engaging with an exclusive group of testers, developers and publishers can gather invaluable insights that contribute to improved game performance and enhanced user experience. The platform is a critical tool in refining games, helping to identify issues or concerns, and ultimately helping ensure a highly successful and polished commercial release.”

“The platform includes various security features such as build encryption, watermark display, gameplay recording and individual electronic NDA. One of the standout features is the watermark display, which adds an extra layer of protection against unauthorized distribution. Additionally, recording and uploading functionality not only ensures a high-security level but also enables our clients to capture and analyze gameplay footage, providing valuable insights into the first-time experience of users and aiding in the optimization process,” concludes Danny Woo.

G.Round aims to contribute to the success of game launches, providing playtesting opportunities to game developers and publishers before commercial launches. G.Round has provided only public testing service so far but now wants to give a private testing environment to manage user access, test duration, and recording settings, ensuring a customized and efficient testing experience.


By providing a secure and controlled environment for private playtesting, G.Round’s new playtesting service will enable developers or publishers to shape their games to captivate players and make a lasting impact without risking leaks by unidentified users.


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