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  • PlayStation revealed as the most dangerous console to play!
  • Research reveals 50% of gamers are experiencing more gaming injuries than ever before
  • Leading physiotherapist Tim Allardyce provides top tips on how best to avoid injuries in the future

From health powerups in fortnight, to injured players in FIFA, gaming character injuries are all too common… but have we ever stopped to think about the gamers themselves?

A new report by has revealed which console is the most dangerous to play (due to injuries sustained), and what the most common gaming injuries are.

PlayStation revealed as the most dangerous console!

It’s bad news for PlayStation gamers, as players of these consoles are more likely to gain an injury over any other type of gamer.

The report – which surveyed gamers – asked if they have ever gained an injury during game play.

77% of PlayStation gamers have gained an injury during gameplay, making it the most dangerous console. The top 4 most dangerous consoles can be seen below:

Rank Console % of gamers who had experienced an accident whilst playing
1 PlayStation 77%
2 Xbox 74%
3 Nintendo Switch 73%
4 Computer 69%

The top 5 most common gaming injuries revealed

When asked what type of injury they gained from playing games, the survey revealed the top 5 gaming related injuries as:

Rank Gaming Injury Percentage of gamers who suffer
1 Neck strain 86%
2 Headaches and migraines 84%
3 Gamer thumb (tenosynovitis – repetitive use of the thumb) 41%
4 Eye strain 32%
5 Back strain 20%

Expert reveals tips to avoid gaming injuries

Long-term gaming can lead to injuries – especially if you don’t do anything to avoid the problem. To help gamers with these common injuries, leading UK physiotherapist Tim Allardyce provides his simple top tips to avoid physical and mental pain and strain:


  • Avoid late-night gaming


Late night gaming can affect your circadian rhythm and sleep cycle. It can also place strain on your eyes, so try to finish gaming an hour or so before bed.


  • Try to get moving


When gaming, it can be helpful to get up and move every 20-30 mins, to stay mobile and reduce joint pains. Get outside, and if possible, absorb some vitamin D, and enjoy the fresh air.


  • Don’t snack and play!

Make time to prepare healthy food, as much as possible. If you do enjoy snacking, make every effort to avoid unhealthy treats (crisps, pizza, take-aways, sweets, biscuits) in favour of fruit and veg. Crucially, it’s also important to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

For more information on the study and to see the most common injuries per game, please visit

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