Esports Entertainment Group, Inc. plans to integrate FPS performance training platform, Aim Lab, across their portfolio with the goal of further developing players from youth to pro. This will include access to Aim Lab through Helix eSports Lan centers and ggCircuit software (both companies are part of Esports Entertainments’ recently announced proposed acquisition). The partnership will also include Aim Lab in training programs with professional Valorant and Rainbow 6 teams, Oxygen Esports, as well as Helix’s youth academies.

Developed by neuroscientists at Statespace, Aim Lab is a software platform that analyzes a player’s fundamental motor and cognitive skills and adapts “tasks” for training. Aim Lab is the first adaptive AI program that helps players progress faster across a range of skills and FPS titles. The platform also provides players and coaches with analytics for benchmarking skills to inform team strategy and assemble rosters.

“We are thrilled to offer Aim Lab’s cutting-edge performance technology to our community and ggCircuit’s vast network of gamers. At Helix eSports our mission is to provide equitable access to technology and opportunities in esports by creating avenues for our players to succeed — and performance improvement is a critical way to increase competitiveness,” said Murph Vandervelde, Co-Founder Helix eSports.

Oxygen plans to share the details of their Aim Lab training routines and scores to their community through a YouTube video series. The series will feature routines, how-to’s, and details on skills and signature moves that really make the difference at the competitive level.

“All gamers should have the opportunity to train and improve, no matter their level or background. We are excited to work with EEG to provide access to more gamers through their portfolio from youth all the way to pro,” said Dr. Wayne Mackey, Founder and CEO of Statespace.

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