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The collaboration may open up a host of use cases for blockchain technology within the gaming industry.

iLottoSolutions is happy to announce a proof-of-concept collaboration with Chainlink, the industry-standard Web3 services platform. iLottoSolutions aims to integrate Chainlink VRF into iLotto’s platform for a trust-minimized approach to random number generation, helping to enhance the security and transparency of their lottery solutions.

Chainlink has been integrated by a wide range of blockchain-based projects as a crucial piece of technology for the Web3 ecosystem. Through Chainlink VRF, iLottoSolutions is taking a step into the world of blockchain-based technology. Thanks to the application of Chainlink’s industry-standard random number generator, iLotto’s lotteries will become even more transparent than before.

“We’re excited about the proof-of-concept collaboration with iLottoSolutions to help enhance their lottery solutions,” said Todor Karaivanov, Market Strategy Manager at Chainlink Labs. “The collaboration will help enable the platform to provide its users with a more transparent and secure lottery experience, while also demonstrating the vast potential of blockchain technology for revolutionizing a wide range of industries,” – Mr. Karaivanov concluded.

With Chainlink’s oracle technology, iLotto can help ensure that their licensed lottery draws are fair, transparent, and tamper-proof. Chainlink VRF provides transparency into the random number generation process and helps ensure that none of the parties involved have the ability to manipulate the outcome, making it easier for iLotto to verify the authenticity of lottery draws.

“The collaboration between iLotto and Chainlink marks a significant milestone for our lottery platform,” said Danny Thomas, Founder and CEO at iLottoSolutions. “It highlights the applicability of blockchain technology in traditional systems, helping improve the trust and security guarantees for everyone. The planned integration of VRF is a first step that we believe will be hugely impactful for our industry as a whole.”


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