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The platform enables betting operators and casinos to tailor campaigns to each individual player

Betegy, the award-winning display ads automation platform, has announced the launch of its latest innovation in content personalisation.

The platform now allows users to create smart banners that rely on profiling information from the operator’s CRM. This enables tailored call to action to be sent to each individual player, based on their activity and preferences, which dramatically increases engagement on the ads.

For instance, when a player logs in to the sportsbook, the platform receives information about his past interactions and betting behavior. Based on this data, Betegy’s platform can then identify player’s interests and return a personalised banner that caters to his unique preferences. This provides a seamless and personalised experience for an online betting customer while increasing engagement and driving revenue for the operator.

The new feature is set to revolutionise the way that online betting companies approach advertising, with tailored campaigns that better meet the needs and expectations of particular audience clusters. By leveraging CRM data and insights into players’ behaviors and triggers, operators can optimise their marketing strategies for even better results.

“We are thrilled to launch this latest innovation in content personalisation for our clients,” said Alex Kornilov, CEO of Betegy. “The integration with CRM systems allows our clients to provide even more targeted and relevant ads to resonate with each individual player, resulting in increased engagement, retention and ultimately, revenue.”

Earlier this year Betegy has launched Creative Studio that allows operators to create up to 1000+ ads that dynamically show game odds in real-time through a direct API feed. This is crucial, as sports bettors are most interested in game odds, even more so than promos and profit boosts.

With Betegy’s solution, marketing teams can avoid the daunting task of manually creating ads for every game and sport, and instead, pull odds directly from the source and use a self-serve platform to create multiple ads at once.

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