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Ezugi, the live casino solutions provider, today launched its unique Ultimate Andar Bahar, a super-charged version of its highly successful Andar Bahar card game.

Ultimate Andar Bahar takes this classic, hugely popular Indian card game – one of Ezugi’s best-performing online casino games – and builds in even more excitement with the addition of massive multipliers to the base game, as well as the addition of even bigger multipliers on the eight optional side bets.

In the easy-to-play main game, players simply predict on which side – the Bahar side or the Andar side – a card will be dealt that matches the initially dealt ‘Joker’ card. The easy-to-understand side bets heighten the suspense still further by allowing players to predict at which point in the dealing the matching card will be drawn: will it be in ‘Cards 1–5’, ‘Cards 6–10’ and so on, through to ‘Cards 41–51’?

On top of this, in each game round one to three multipliers (2x, 3x and 5x) can hit one to three random cards in the base game, making it possible to win up to 125x on the main bet. The same value multipliers also hit between one and eight of the side bets, in this case multiplying potential winnings up to an amazing 500x!

Pang Goh, Business Development Director at Ezugi, said: “Believed to have originated in southern India many centuries ago, Andar Bahar is a simple, fast-paced and incredibly engaging card game that is part of traditional Indian social life. Our Ultimate version of Andar Bahar is a super-special edition of this classic, much-loved game. It’s faithful to the traditional game but adds the potential for massively multiplied wins in the base game and in the side bets too. Not only that, in parallel we are releasing a new version of our regular live Andar Bahar game too, with a brand-new UI and new graphics and animations that add a spectacular new dimension to the live gaming experience. We are confident that players old and new will love both of these classic Andar Bahar games!”

Goh added: “As part of Evolution Group, Ezugi is committed both to innovation and to honouring and building on classic casino games from a mix of cultures. Watch this space, because there are many more new, standout titles in the pipeline that will add unique twists, extra excitement and the potential for big wins.”

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