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Galaxy Racer (GXR), a transmedia powerhouse focused on esports, content creators, music and sports, headquartered in Dubai, is excited to reveal its partnership with, and investment in, the Quint ecosystem’s flagship token, QUINT. Galaxy Racer has invested US$25 million into QUINT, making it the first esports and lifestyle organisation to invest a significant sum into a cryptocurrency ecosystem, as opposed to using it to raise funds. The partnership will also see the cryptocurrency company become the esports organisation’s ‘Native Ecosystem Token Partner’.

The esports industry has recently seen a considerable rise in cryptocurrency partnerships, the majority of which only include category exclusivity, branded segments, and media placements. In an industry first, Galaxy Racer’s pioneering investment in QUINT will see the token incorporated into the esports and lifestyle organisation’s existing ecosystem by utilising its technology to support future initiatives and infrastructure development. The partnership will also see Galaxy Racer amplify and support QUINT in furthering its cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Galaxy Racer will integrate QUINT into its website’s payment system and explore ways the token can be used across the organisation’s esports tournaments, events and merchandising divisions. Looking ahead, the companies will work together to create an educational content series for Galaxy Racer’s global fanbase and the wider esports community around cryptocurrency and web3.

Quint is the first of its kind ecosystem that bridges the metaverse with the real world, developing a real-world utility to accelerate adoption and investor uptake. Investors are rewarded with real-world benefits through innovative super-staking pools that offer in-life perks, luxury raffle awards including Bored Ape NFTs and limited-edition Hublot Big Bang timepieces, and fractional ownership of high-yield real-world assets — along with class-leading crypto returns accelerated through built-in auto-compounding.

Commissioned by a team of investors who wanted to overcome the limitations of traditional crypto ventures while furthering the mass-adoption aims of the UAE Blockchain Strategy 2050, Quint is headed by industry veteran entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and investors. Quint’s CEO & Managing Partner Rahul Chaudhary is the Managing Director of CG Corp Global, Nepal’s only multi-billion-dollar multinational conglomerate comprising over 160 companies and 123 brands in over 35 countries. The Chief Operating Officer of Etihad Aviation, Mohammed Al Bulooki, has recently joined as the Chairman of Quint’s Board of Directors.

Apart from super-staking pools, the Quint ecosystem comprises a Boutique NFT Marketplace that connects creators with collectors, a Merchandise Shop for Quint-branded apparel and accessories, and an esports element accelerated by the GXR partnership.  $Quint, the BSC token underpinning the ecosystem, will also be bridging onto other networks like ETH, FTM, Solana and Avalanche in the near future.

Founded in 2019, Galaxy Racer has five separate business offerings; content creators, esports teams, tournament management, merchandising, lifestyle and its own record label, GXR Records. The organisation has an existing global footprint of over 500+ million followers worldwide, and more than 100+ content creators generating over 2.5 billion monthly views.

Founder and CEO of Galaxy Racer, Paul Roy commented: “We are thrilled to announce our investment and partnership with The Quint Ecosystem’s revolutionary token, QUINT. For years we have been approached by many cryptocurrency companies, coins and projects all hoping to partner with us as we continue to grow and expand globally. However, it was our main priority to make sure we took our time to study the ecosystem to ensure we partnered with the best project for our community and investors. We wanted to invest and partner with a company that had an industry-leading team and technology behind them – which we strongly believe is The Quint Ecosystem.

“The opportunity to offer our global fanbase to learn about the cryptocurrency ecosystem and interact with the technology in a way that has never been done before within the esports industry, is something we are very excited about. We look forward to sharing some exciting announcements soon!”

The Quint Ecosystem CEO & Managing Partner, Rahul Chaudhary comments: “Quint is thrilled to partner with Transmedia powerhouse and Middle Eastern esports pioneer Galaxy Racer. Our entire roadmap is predicated on linking the virtual and real worlds while creating value for diverse communities, including the global esports audience. Since launch, the QUINT token has posted exceptional returns powered by real-world conviction from investors, global community interest and uptake, rigorous audits, full transparency, and a utility framework bolstered by exceptional partnerships, including the one with transmedia powerhouse GXR. We look forward to this partnership creating incredible value for both parties, and our global communities.”

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