PUBG MOBILE is pleased to reveal the registration details for the PUBG MOBILE Club Open (PMCO) Fall Split which will see a $600,000 USD prize pool and the introduction of a competitive shift for 2022. Registrations for the PMCO officially open on March 31st and will run till April 13th.

For 2022 the PMCO has switched to a regional amateur and semi-pro competition with teams eligible to compete across six regions. There are no longer country level regions but instead 170 countries will be represented across PMCO North America, PMCO South America (PMCO Brazil and PMCO Latin America) PMCO Africa, PMCO Middle East, PMCO Asia (PMCO South Asia and Asia Wildcard) and PMCO Europe (PMCO Western Europe and PMCO Turkey).

Alongside the new regions, a new structure has been implemented to allow a wider range of competitions to feed into the PUBG MOBILE Pro Leagues (PMPL). PMCO teams will no longer be promoted directly to PMPL but instead, compete through PUBG MOBILE National Championship or PMNC Regional Cup with a chance to reach PMPL in 2023.

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