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PayPugs announces the appointment of Gints Veidemanis as Head of Card Department, with effect from 31 January 2022.

In this newly created role, he will provide leadership and strategy for PayPugs cards solutions. Including the development and execution of the overall product roadmap. His strategic direction and client-centric approach will be a significant impact on PayPugs growth over the coming years.

Gints is joining PayPugs after having worked for more than 20 years in the banking sector. Early on in his career Gints joined the cards department and was learning everything there is about virtual and physical card operations. Having worked in banks such as SEB, DNB (Luminor), RIB (Regional Investment Bank) Gints looks to take over PayPugs card operations on an international scale. Having the expertise to work with VISA and Mastercard, Gints looks to implement the infrastructure for efficient and most importantly compliant operations.

“I am delighted to have joined the PayPugs team. It is really exciting to join such an enthusiastic and fast-moving company. The vision set out is something that everyone can get behind. The international thinking was an appealing reason to join the company. I hope to do my best to implement the needed business practices in order to reach PayPugs next phase of growth.” – Gints Veidemanis, Head of Cards Department.

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