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The absolute world heavyweight boxing champion and gold medal-winner of the 2012 Olympics, Oleksandr Usyk, joins Parimatch brand as the first-ever Responsible Gambling Project ambassador.

Oleksandr Usyk, world heavyweight boxer, said:

“Willpower, intrinsic motivation and self-control are the key elements for victory. The same goes for gambling: it is important to stay mindful while gambling, to understand that this is just a way to have fun and get positive emotions, and you can always pause if necessary. This is what I mean by responsible gambling. Therefore, I join the initiative of Parimatch, which will raise the awareness of players about the principles of fair, responsible and transparent gambling.”

Usyk’s victories were made possible by hard training, a fighting strategy, and a cool head. All these aspects allow him to win and enjoy boxing. Gambling is also about enjoyment, and just like in boxing, a cool head helps you to avoid defeat.

Parimatch brand follows global trends in developing responsible gambling principles and provides the tools necessary to help players make liable and considered decisions. Parimatch also plans to conduct educational events for clients and raise awareness about gambling in the community.

Maksym Liashko, co-CEO at Parimatch Tech said:

“As market leaders in the CIS and a responsible business, we are championing the move towards responsible gambling. Our team will advance Responsible Gambling Project in development, analytics, and communication with clients. We are confident that the partnership with Oleksandr will take our initiatives to a new level and help Parimatch spread knowledge about responsible gambling among players worldwide.”

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