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FeedConstruct: the ever-expanding sports data provider has signed an exclusive partnership with Belarusian Futsal Premier League to cover the 2021 season’s play-off round.

The agreement between Belarusian Futsal Premier League and FeedConstruct allows the latter to globally distribute exclusive live video streaming and live scouting data collected from the venue.

“We are excited to work with FeedConstruct as they have proven to be a result-driven company in their sphere. The cooperation promises to be fruitful, as the company has exclusive access to data rights of the play-offs and numerous partnerships to monetize the content.” – says Ivan Horovets, the Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Association of Futsal.

On their behalf, FeedConstruct’s head George Arabatlian added: “Belarusian Futsal Premier League has a great opportunity to transform the fan experience by delivering high-quality sporting data that customers can rely on. And we are here to make it happen.”

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