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Allwyn is pleased to announce Dara Nasr, Managing Director of Twitter UK, as the latest appointment to its high profile advisory board providing support to Sir Keith Mills and team. Allwyn is bidding for the Fourth National Lottery Licence to operate the UK National Lottery.

During a distinguished career working for some of the largest global technology companies, including Twitter and Google, Mr. Nasr has established himself as a leader in the world of digital communications. As Managing Director of Twitter UK, Dara has built one of the strongest sales teams in the UK media landscape. During the Coronavirus pandemic, he has placed Twitter UK at the centre of the future of work debate through the launch of its “New Business As Usual” framework, while also leading the UK’s internal work rules to protect the mental health of staff who have been working remotely.

By working closely with quality technology partners, SAZKA Group, Allwyn’s parent company, has invested in digital platforms to grow and scale at pace across Europe. By recognising trends towards online play early, SAKZA Group’s lotteries adapted their product offerings long before the pandemic disrupted the retail sector. Online sales of draw based games increased by 134% between 2015 and 2019, with sales continuing to grow during the pandemic and maintaining momentum as restrictions eased. This includes Austria, where a 42% rise in online draw based sales coincided with a 9% increase in funding for good causes between 2015 and 2019, while Sazka Czech’s ‘Digital Entertainment Hub’ boosted lottery sales via mobile phone by 820% during the same period.

Commenting on his appointment, Mr. Nasr said: “How companies communicate with customers is evolving thanks to the disruptive rise of social media platforms. Brand communications, advertising, and marketing has become more exciting due to the complementary and unique ability of digital to engage with the consumer. As I’ve seen during my time at Twitter, mobile means there is huge potential to establish a close 24/7 relationship between company and customer. I’ve teamed up with Allwyn and their parent company SAZKA Group because they understand the importance of digital to lotteries. I can’t wait to get started.”

Allwyn’s U.K. Bid Chair Sir Keith Mills added: “For many years, Allwyn’s parent company SAZKA Group have pursued a digital- approach to lotteries across Europe. Not only has this produced impressive online sales growth, making their lotteries resilient to the challenges of the pandemic, but it has also translated to consistently strong sales growth in the retail sector too. Regardless of whether a player purchases their lottery ticket online or in-store, we’ve seen overall player participation only increases if people feel more connected to their lottery. Allwyn’s sister companies are a testament to the powers of digital in the lottery world and I can’t wait to work with Dara and apply his knowledge of the digital and social media landscape.”

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