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  • Xbox users are more hostile than PlayStation users; there are 13,910 monthly searches from Xbox players looking to report others for misbehaviour
  • Fortnite players are the most antagonistic, every year 45,000 players are eager to report their opponents
  • In second place are Roblox players, with almost 26,000 gamers looking to report others
  • Apex Legends, Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege players also place highly
  • 3 in 5 believe that players adopt more aggressive behaviours once a game boosts in popularity

It’s well known that online games can be very intense, and this often leads to some very heated confrontations between players, especially online. analysed Google search volumes for ‘report [game/console] player’ and other similar phrases to uncover which game and console creates the most conflict between players. After scouring through searches surrounding the 42 most popular online games, they can reveal which gamers are the most unfriendly and antagonistic.

Which Console Has the Most Antagonistic Players?


Yearly Search Volumes

Microsoft Xbox


Sony PlayStation

165,840 found that Xbox users are the most antagonistic! There are hundreds of online complaints about users who seek to anger others through Xbox Live chats. On average, each year there are 166,920 searches from players looking to complain or report other Xbox Live accounts.

Following very closely behind are PlayStation users. discovered that each year there are 165,840 Google queries from PSN accounts looking to accuse their opponents of misbehaviour. Sony attempted to curb potential abuse by combining party and messaging systems last month but many players have been left displeased with their attempt.

Which Game Has the Most Antagonistic Players?


Yearly Search Volumes





Dead by Daylight


Apex Legends




Rainbow Six Siege




Rocket League


Call of Duty




The title of most antagonistic gamers goes to Fortnite! There are countless stories from innocent users who claim that fellow Fortnite players ruin the game by citing abusive and toxic language. Each month there are 3,750 searches from players looking to report one another for hostile behaviour – that’s equivalent to 45,000 each year!

In second place are Roblox fans. These gamers certainly know how to get on one another’s nerves as 25,920 of them try to report opponent’s accounts annually.

Dead by Daylight players rank as the third most hostile, with 17,160 searches each year from gamers looking to take action upon others’ unfriendly behaviour. A lot of players put the abuse down to being new in hopes that it’ll get better and they’ll be welcomed, with others stating that turning the chat option off is the most effective way of combating the toxicity.

The fourth most antagonistic gamers are Apex Legends players. found that every year 12,960 fans turn to Google to find justice amid the hate received.

In fifth and sixth position are Overwatch and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, receiving 12,120 and 9,840 report searches each year respectively.

To complete the top ten list of most antagonistic players:

7. Minecraft: 7,200 yearly searches from gamers looking to report negative game behaviour

8. Rocket League: 5,280 yearly searches from gamers looking to report negative game behaviour

9. Call of Duty: 4,680 yearly searches from gamers looking to report negative game behaviour

10. FIFA: 4,440 yearly searches from gamers looking to report negative game behaviour

How are players negatively affected by online games? also surveyed 1,980 players worldwide to uncover how much other players affect their online gaming experience.

They found that almost 7 in 10 (68%) gamers have had their day ruined by a negative online player who has destroyed their mood. An additional 61% state that they have been made to feel uncomfortable by comments made by others during live chats whilst playing online.

Over half of players (54%) admit to being pushed out or having to force quit an online game due to bullies.

This year many games have sprung to the top of the popularity charts, bringing new and fun player experiences. However, almost 3 in 5 (57%) believe that once certain games spike in popularity it correlates with players becoming more aggressive and consequently attracting a more toxic player base.

Ultimately this has led to more than 2 in 5 (43%) ditching specific games due to the negativity that online play brings.


  1. utilised SEMrush and Ahrefs’ Google search volume tool to find the number of people looking to report users. The average monthly search volumes were multiplied by 12 to collate a yearly total. Terms such as ‘Report [game/console] user’, ‘Report [game/console] player’, ‘Report [game/console] account’, ‘Report someone on [game/console], ‘[game/console] abuse’ and similar variations were used to find the totals. analysed the search volumes from the USA, UK, Canada and Australia to get a larger worldwide view. Common abbreviations for each game were also counted, for example ‘Report COD player’ and ‘Report Call of Duty player’ were both included in the study.

  2. The 42 most popular online games were found using

  3. then surveyed 1,980 gamers around the world to uncover their attitudes towards online gaming. They were asked: ‘Have you had your day ruined by other online gamers?’ , ‘Have you ever been made to feel uncomfortable by comments made by others during online gaming?’, ‘Have you ever been pushed out or made to quit an online game due to other players?’, ‘Do you think that players become more aggressive once a game increases in popularity?’ and ‘Have you ever stopped playing a game completely due to negativity from fellow players?’.

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