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A research study looking at the reliability of casino and sportsbook terms and conditions has revealed that a shocking percentage of UK gamblers aren’t taking the time to fully understand the finer details of the offers and bonuses they’re regularly signing up for.

Of over 12,000 players surveyed only 20% admitted to taking the time to read the terms and conditions associated with their chosen site. 62% of players admitted to purposely avoiding them, whilst the remaining 18% admitted they didn’t realise terms and conditions existed at all.

As a result frustrated players are flooding casino customer support teams with complaints regarding issues that could have easily been resolved by simply reading the terms and conditions set out by the operators in the first place.

The most common complaints ranged from incorrect bet settlements, the non-payment of winnings, the inability to withdraw funds and misleading bonuses and promotions.

To understand whether these complaints were justified No Wagering, an online gambling news and comparison website which promotes fairness and transparency meticulously trawled through the terms and conditions of 6 of the UK’s most popular casinos and sportsbooks to determine whether they were fair, concise and clearly displayed.

Sam Gascoyne, Head of Content at No Wagering, said: “The data clearly shows that players are avoiding terms and conditions, which doesn’t come as a huge surprise considering most people tend to ignore them in all walks of life… However, when it comes to online casinos and sportsbooks players certainly need to be a lot more attentive due to the restrictions such as wagering requirements, and minimum withdrawal limits. 

“When you compare the amount of people that don’t read terms and conditions to the most common complaints against operators then there were some clear parallels to be made, and it was even clearer that many of these issues could have been avoided with a bit of light reading.”

Click here to see the full analysis of No Wagering’s report into terms and conditions.

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