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A new voluntary organisation has been formed with the aim of protecting members of the betting public from rogue tipsters. The UK Association of Sports Tipping has just launched after 2 well known reviewers joined forces to organise things.

Chris Sowerby and Peter Philipson together have conducted over 2000 service reviews and have wide experience of the range of tipsters that are available. They commented that “UKAST will for the first time allow punters to check if a service being promoted operates in an open and honest manner.”

UKAST’s aim is to offer independent verification and accountability for tipster services operating in the UK. It provides objective information to allow potential customers to make informed choices about tipster services, whilst at the same time providing genuine and authentic services with a recognisable accreditation that attests to their fairness, transparency and integrity.

All membership applications will be actively vetted and approved members will be entered on the public database. In addition a disputes resolution facility is available which certified members have agreed to comply with.

Approved members may display their registered details with a watermarked badge as shown.

The first commercial member is Bet Chat which publishes football services and general betting advice. Founder Josh Allen said “The sports tipping industry has been sorely in need of a verification body for many years now. Not only does the lack of one lead to consumers falling foul of scams and incompetent tipping, it also results in scepticism around genuine tipster platforms.

In Chris and Peter, UKAST is run by two people with exceptional experience in the world of proofing and reviewing and I see them as the ideal duo to head up this new venture. I didn’t need to think twice about submitting my platform to their verification service, and nor should anybody else!”

Other industry players have welcomed the formation of UKAST including Brian Chappell from Justice for Punters which fights for a ‘fair playing field’ for those who like a bet. He said, “J4P welcomes this new Association and the standards it is trying to achieve. We wish UKAST all the best.”

Soon the public should be asking any tipster or service that is not a UKAST member why that is.

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