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The successful launch of represents a huge step forward for SuperLenny. The online gambling guide often falls in the shadows of its larger competitors in size and global reach, but are regardlessly loved by an army of loyal users all over the world. Staying true to its slogan, “deer to be different,” SuperLenny is constantly challenging what it means to be an online gambling guide and is laser-focused on developing new and innovative features for its users.
In a world where fake news is influencing financial markets and political elections alike, lighthouses of truth, trust, and honesty, like, are not only needed but crucial to the very survival of the online gambling industry and its players. For what is an online casino or an online sportsbook without trust? Players all over the world are asking themselves this very question, and as the night is dark and full of terrors, more and more are seeking as their beacon of light, advice, and honesty.

New markets, new products

Localization is more than just translating language. Localization is adoption. It’s not camouflage, but insertion. The SuperLenny team has taken these principles to its core to make the launch in India as smooth and successful as possible.

Among else, SuperLenny has developed the most thorough guide to online kabaddi betting. This ancient and indigenous Indian sport is popular across the whole sub-Indian continent, but bettors in India hold kabaddi particularly close to their hearts. SuperLenny has with this given Indian bettors, regardless of former experience level, a way to win more with better odds.

Experienced editor-in-charge

To head the new expansion, SuperLenny has hired a new and experienced editor-in-charge for the Indian gambling portal, Tanvi ClarkeTanvi Clarke graduated from IGNOU The People’s University in Delhi with an M.A. in English, and has already shown promising potential in her new position.

“I am honored to be a part of such a great team and a market-leading organization. Performance marketing is nothing without performers, and luckily both SuperLenny and its mother company are filled to the brim with industry-wide recognized talents,” says Ms. Clarke.

India is the 6th market for SuperLenny

SuperLenny is with the latest expansion operating in a total of six markets, including FinlandSweden, the United KingdomGermany, and Canada. SuperLenny has, with this established itself as a significant market player in the iGaming world, and the iGaming portal is now rigged for substantial future growth.
More markets are currently being considered, but are yet to be commercially evaluated by the SuperLenny team.

Why SuperLenny is launching in India

The Indian online gambling market is among analysts considered to be one of the most promising candidates to enter the exclusive group of top-earning markets worldwide, for the online gambling industry. A combination of high digital penetration, a population largely fluent in English, and a sound betting and gambling culture, primes India to become a rising star for online gambling companies in the years to come.
SuperLenny is wholly owned and operated by Gaming Innovation Group, listed at Oslo Stock Exchange and Stockholm Stock Exchange.


SOURCE SuperLenny

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