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Footstock grows eight-fold in three months and integrates HooYu to deliver more streamlined KYC process

Leading KYC and customer onboarding specialist, HooYu, has announced a partnership with leading fantasy football gaming operator, Footstock.

As Covid-19 has hit sportsbook operators hard, Footstock has enjoyed a period of rapid expansion, growing eight-fold in the last three months. HooYu is now integrated into the Footstock customer sign-up process providing UI and UX tools alongside a range of KYC technology to provide Footstock customers with a smooth and easy digital journey.

Prior to using HooYu, Footstock were manually performing KYC, receiving ID documents from customers, and taking up to a day to approve customer registrations. Footstock now use HooYu to deploy identity database checks, ID document validation, proof of address matching and PEPs and Sanctions checks to verify customer age and identity. As a result, the customer sign-up journey can be completed in a few minutes instead of up to a day.

James Copewell, CMO at Footstock, said: “Any delay or obstacle in the customer sign-up process is an opportunity for that customer to abandon and drop-off but HooYu has been able to automate and streamline the KYC process for us.”

David Pope, Marketing Director at HooYu, said: “The Footstock fantasy football proposition has hit the back of the net now that real-life football is back, and I’m sure they will continue to grow with HooYu here to help them balance the twin demands of KYC compliance and customer experience.”

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