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B2B marketing platform provider BlueRibbon Software is set to enter the Latin American market after signing a partnership deal with Codere, one of the largest online operators in Spain and Mexico.

The agreement with BlueRibbon will see Codere implement the cutting-edge jackpot-based solution across all of the group’s online assets in both countries, further empowering Codere to solidify its competitive advantage in the region by offering a bespoke online playing experience.

BlueRibbon has recently signed several similar deals with other European-based operators and penetrating the Latin American market is aligned with the company’s strategic plan to expand into additional regulated countries.

“As we have seen in the European markets, players are looking for innovation and offering the same experience as the competition isn’t going to cut it when it comes to building brand loyalty. By partnering with us, Codere is confirming that the same is true for their players,” says Amir Askarov, Co-founder and CEO of BlueRibbon.

“Codere is one of the most respected and well-known brands in Latin America, and we are excited to enter this new market with such a strong partner. We know that smaller, more winnable jackpots not only hold players’ attention but also give operators the control to market promotions to specific segments, helping them hit company goals. I am confident that BlueRibbon’s solution will support Codere’s plan to create an exciting online environment that attracts and engages players throughout their lifecycle,” Askarov added.

Erez Leket, Product Department Manager at Codere, said: “Blue Ribbon has set a new standard when it comes to player engagement and they are the ideal content partner for us across both our most important and our emerging markets. We look forward to working closely together with them in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and many more exciting jurisdictions.”

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