Ganapati PLC has announced that Juliet Adelstein has been appointed as the company’s CEO. She will assume the role from February 1st.

Juliet joined the Ganapati Group in 2018 and previously held the position of Chief Operating Officer for the group’s parent company, Ganapati PLC, as well as CEO of Malta-based Ganapati Europe Holding Ltd and Ganapati Malta Ltd. She is also the Co-CEO of blockchain subsidiary company, GanaEight Coin Ltd (“G8C”), alongside qualified lawyer, Hayato Terai.

Originally established in Japan, Ganapati develops original online casino content, uniquely borne out of both Europe and Asia. The appointment of Juliet as CEO emphasises Ganapati’s mission going forward of being a fully global company with its management firmly based in Europe.

Juliet’s skills and experience in international relations, borderless business and cultural understanding have enabled her to further establish a bridge between Europe and Asia – something which Ganapati prides itself on.

Since joining the company, Juliet has successfully guided the company towards its long-term vision of becoming a B2B brand with a B2C mentality, through the effective implementation of strategic sport sponsorship and brand opportunities.

The news of Juliet’s appointment as CEO follows the company’s recent announcement of its collaboration with world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, who unveiled the partnership on his social media last week.

Commenting on Juliet’s appointment, Ganapati PLC’s CLO, Hayato Terai said:

“We would like to thank Mr Hasegawa for his dedication to the role until now and are delighted to be stepping forward with Juliet as CEO. We’re confident that this is the right move for the company – Juliet has proved to be an invaluable asset to Ganapati, she’s grown through the ranks and demonstrated the ability to lead the company in the right direction.”


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