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Transitioning from Traditional to Online Poker Platforms





The Shift to Online Poker: Understanding the Basics

Moving from traditional poker to online platforms involves adapting to a different rhythm of play. Online poker moves at a faster pace. Players get less time to make decisions, which can initially be disorienting for those accustomed to the slower, more deliberate pace of physical tables.

Another key difference is the inability to read physical tells. Online, you can’t observe body language or facial expressions. This shifts the focus to betting patterns and reaction times. It’s a different set of skills, requiring players to be more attentive to the subtleties of online interaction.

Strategy Adaptation: Honing Online Skills


Adapting your strategy for online poker is not about reinventing your approach but refining it. Start by focusing on the basics. Hand selection becomes more critical in an online setting. With a faster pace, the temptation to play more hands increases, but discipline is key. Tightening up your starting hand requirements can counteract the impulsiveness that online games might encourage.

Multi-tabling is another aspect unique to online poker. It can be lucrative but also overwhelming. Start with a single table and gradually add more as you become comfortable. Managing multiple games simultaneously requires a keen sense of timing and the ability to quickly shift attention.

Understanding Online Poker Platforms: Navigating the Digital Environment

Online poker platforms offer a variety of tools and features not available in traditional settings. Utilizing these tools effectively can enhance your game. Familiarize yourself with the software. This includes understanding the layout, the bet-sizing buttons, and the time-bank feature. These elements are crucial in making smooth and timely decisions.

The anonymity of online poker can be both an advantage and a challenge. On one hand, it shields you from being read by opponents. On the other, it means you’re facing unknown players with unfamiliar tendencies. Keep notes on players as you encounter them. Most platforms allow you to tag and track opponents, giving you an edge in future encounters.


Online Poker Tips: Refining Your Online Game

Transitioning to online poker requires not just understanding the differences but actively working to improve your online-specific skills. For comprehensive strategies and detailed guidance, exploring online poker tips can provide valuable insights. These resources can help refine your approach, from managing bankrolls to understanding the nuances of online betting patterns.

Bankroll management takes on a new dimension online. The speed and accessibility of games mean it’s easy to play higher stakes more frequently. Setting strict limits and adhering to a disciplined approach to your bankroll is essential. Remember, the digital environment can sometimes detach you from the reality of monetary stakes.

Balancing Risk and Reward: Smart Decisions in Online Poker

The accessibility of online poker can lead to more spontaneous play. This necessitates a balanced approach to risk. Avoid the common pitfall of chasing losses. Online losses can accumulate quickly, making disciplined decision-making paramount.


Additionally, the range of games available online is much broader than in traditional settings. From cash games to tournaments of different formats, each requires a slightly different approach. Spend time understanding the nuances of each game type. This will help in making informed decisions about where to invest your time and money.

Adjusting to the Online Environment: Key Differences

Transitioning from traditional to online poker requires an understanding of the fundamental differences between the two. One of the most significant changes is the volume of hands played per hour. Online poker games operate at a much faster pace than their traditional counterparts. This increase in speed affects game dynamics and requires a quicker decision-making process. Another factor to consider is the size and variability of the player pool. Online platforms often have a larger and more varied group of players compared to a typical casino poker room, meaning you’ll encounter a wide range of playing styles and strategies.

Managing Emotional Responses in Online Poker

Playing poker online can also impact how players manage their emotions. The physical separation from opponents and the absence of a tangible social environment can lead to a disconnect in emotional control. It’s essential to maintain a level head and avoid tilt — a state of emotional frustration that can lead to poor decision-making. Developing strategies to manage tilt and maintain focus is crucial for long-term success in online poker. This includes taking breaks when necessary, setting loss limits, and understanding that bad beats and variance are part of the game.


Leveraging Technology for Online Poker Advancement

Technology plays a pivotal role in the online poker experience. Players can use various software tools to enhance their game. For instance, poker tracking software allows players to analyze their play and identify areas for improvement. Hand history tools give insights into past hands, providing valuable information for future strategy development. Additionally, online forums and communities offer a wealth of knowledge and discussion, allowing players to learn from others’ experiences. Embracing these technological aids can lead to significant improvements in online poker performance.

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Conclusion: Embracing the Online Poker Journey


Transitioning from traditional to online poker platforms is more than just a change in the medium. It’s about adapting your mindset, strategies, and approaches to suit the online environment. This journey is continuous, demanding constant learning and adaptation. Embracing these changes can lead to a rewarding and potentially profitable online poker experience. Remember, the key is not to replicate your traditional game online but to evolve it to meet the demands of the digital felt.

Gambling in the USA

Fanatics Sportsbook Launches Today in Michigan





Fanatics Betting and Gaming, a subsidiary of Fanatics Holdings Inc, a global digital sports platform, launched the Fanatics Sportsbook & Casino today in Michigan. Sports fans living in and visiting Michigan will be able to download the Fanatics Sportsbook on iOS and Android and begin their Fanatics Sportsbook and Casino experience. Michigan marks the thirteenth state for the Fanatics Sportsbook and third state for Fanatics Casino.

In August 2023, Fanatics Betting and Gaming began acquiring the U.S. businesses of PointsBet and planning the migration of PointsBet customers to the Fanatics Sportsbook app. Today in Michigan only, each PointsBet customer’s username, password, account balance, rewards points and responsible gaming settings will be automatically migrated to the Fanatics Sportsbook.

The Fanatics Sportsbook makes being a fan easy with fast signup, easy betting, transparent withdrawals and is disrupting the sports betting industry with the following new features:

  • Building a better sportsbook: The Fanatics Sportsbook app was built natively on iOS and Android. The design, speed and quality of the navigation experience rival the sports betting apps in the market today that were not built specifically for iOS and Android.
  • FanCash: The Fanatics Sportsbook is the only sportsbook that gives customers up to 5% of their wager back in FanCash. Every dollar of FanCash is a dollar to spend on bonus bets or at
  • Discover: Everything a customer cares about, including marquee games, key stats, trending bets, delivered straight to one location – the Discover feed.
  • Search: The Fanatics Sportsbook offers industry-leading search functionality, including a search bar, recent searches, autocomplete, synonym/alias and deep linking. Customers can search easily for the bet they want and bet directly right from the search results.

As part of the launch in Michigan, Fanatics Betting and Gaming will also launch its new online casino, embedded in the Fanatics Sportsbook app. The newly designed Fanatics Casino will feature a range of classic and popular casino favorites like roulette, slots and blackjack along with offering customers the following exciting new features:

  • Play with IGT Play Digital: Fanatics Casino players can enjoy a range of highly engaging IGT PlayDigital games including many of the classic titles that iGaming players love including Cash Eruption™, Fortune Coin™ and Cleopatra™, as well as a suite of MegaJackpots™ titles, proprietary table games and video poker content.
  • Evolved Live Casino Games: Fanatics Casino has partnered with Evolution to provide customers with world-leading live casino games including Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Baccarat and Poker variants. In addition, Evolution will provide Fanatics Casino with an exciting lineup of online slots, the award-winning Lightning Roulette, and many more games to come.
  • Wonderful New Games: Light & Wonder will provide Fanatics Casino with a wide range of the company’s first party titles, including top-performing games 88 FORTUNES™, JIN JI BAO™ ENDLESS TREASURES™, DANCING DRUMS EXPLOSION™, and ULTIMATE FIRE LINK™ CHINA STREET™. In addition, Light & Wonder will offer Fanatics Casino customers access to third party aggregated content from some of the world’s biggest studios such as Big Time Gaming, Reel Play, Gaming Realms and Hacksaw.
  • Rewards: Casino customers can earn FanCash back on bets, spins and hands and convert FanCash to bonus bets on Fanatics Sportsbook or to purchase team merchandise at
  • Fanatics Game Studios: Fanatics Betting and Gaming has produced exclusive content including the new Fanatics Blackjack game developed in partnership with Boom Entertainment. More games are scheduled for later this year.

Fanatics Betting and Gaming believes that responsible gaming is a core tenet and a part of the organization’s DNA. Online customers will have access to Responsible Gaming tools to manage their time and money alongside a best in class Help Center, chat experience and knowledgeable agents with 24/7 coverage.

To download images and videos of the Fanatics Sportsbook and Casino, visit the Fanatics Media Center and for more news and information, follow us on the Fanatics Sportsbook social channels on X @FanaticsBook_PB and on Instagram @FanaticsBook_PB.


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Affiliate Industry

Blaze Gaming turns up the heat by joining First Look Games



Reading Time: 2 minutes


Rising star studio gets serious about game promotion by partnering with award-winning marketing platform that directly connects providers and affiliates

First Look Games, the ultimate marketing platform for game studios, has partnered with Blaze Gaming as the up-and-coming provider looks to drive awareness of its titles among affiliates and players.

As a partner of First Look Games, Blaze Gaming gains access to a fully branded library where it can upload information and assets for each of its games. This can then be downloaded by a network of approved affiliates and used to create reviews and previews.


The First Look Games library is powerful and sophisticated, with providers such as Blaze Gaming able to upload game sheets, logos, images and videos for each title in their portfolio.

The provider can even offer demo links for each of its games, with player verification that is carried out seamlessly by 1account. This means that affiliates in highly regulated markets such as the UK can still offer demo games to their audiences.

Blaze Gaming has complete control over the assets it shares via its library, and when those assets are made available to affiliates. It can even offer a “first look” to certain affiliates up to two weeks before a new game launches.

This allows affiliates to build anticipation of the game ahead of its launch – when it goes live, players can then fire up the reels without delay.

Elliott Resnick of First Look Games, said: “It’s great to see Blaze Gaming engaging with affiliates by using our award-winning platform. First Look Games provides cost-effective game marketing that is proven to work, and Blaze can now take advantage of its unrivalled power and reach.”


Keith Goddard, CEO at Blaze Gaming, added: “We are excited to leverage First Look Games and its suite of features and tools to directly connect with affiliates and make them aware of the awesome games in our portfolio so that more players can discover Blaze Gaming and our innovative, entertaining slots for the first time.”

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Latest News

Betby strengthens partnership with Bad Hombre Gaming



Reading Time: < 1 minute


Betby, an innovative sports betting provider, has reinforced its partnership with Bad Hombre Gaming by launching multiple betting brands and having its AI-based sportsbook tools made available to all brands powered by the partnership.

Bad Hombre Gaming, a next-gen casino platform supplier specialising in crypto payments, utilizes Betby’s sportsbook platform and the Betby.Games eSports odds feed to power over 15 brands, with its brand portfolio further boosted with the launch of three further brands powered by the Betby sportsbook solution.

With Betby launching and showcasing its innovative AI-based sportsbook tools in London, Bad Hombre Gaming also announced that it is planning to roll-out these tools to its partner network. The sportsbook tools, branded by Betby as “AI Labs”, focus on churn and LTV prediction, bet recommendation, risk management automation, and a prompt-based BI Reporting system.


Christian Vuchev, Head of Operations at Bad Hombre Gaming said: “We’re pleased to strengthen our longstanding collaboration with Betby by not only launching a new brand but also integrating Betby’s innovative AI Labs tools. These tools will empower Bad Hombre Gaming to enhance the overall betting experiences through personalized features, predicting and reducing churn rates, and identifying high-value players in a reduced timeframe. All this whilst improving operational performance through an automated risk management for quicker detection of suspicious activities for our operators.”

Chris Nicolopoulos, Chief Commercial Officer at Betby said: “The continued partnership between Bad Hombre Gaming and Betby, marked by further brand launches and the roll out of our proprietary AI-based sportsbook tools, showcases Betby’s steadfast commitment to enhancing the performance of its partners with the best solutions in the sportsbook landscape. In Bad Hombre Gaming we have found a partner with whom we share common values and ambitions, and we look forward to further strengthening the relationship going forward.”

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