The Covid-19 pandemic has truly ravaged the lives of almost all human beings. Stuck inside the house on a daily basis is the hell loop that no sports lover could ever have imagined, but the pandemic has just made that happen with the tons of restrictions and lockdowns that have rained down on people all the year-round. So, what actually has come to the rescue? Well, interestingly, the world of VR or Virtual Reality. In fact, the world of artificial intelligence has tried to bring the world together in so many different ways, and even though it might not be the same as everyday sports matches and stadiums and the terribly overpriced coke there, you will be able to have a pleasant escape from your boring and mundane 9 to 5 reality for a couple of hours.

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But now back to the topic at hand. As you scroll down to read this article, you will get some of the very best sports-based video games available for you to play in 2021.

The following is the carefully curated list of sports-based video games that you must play in 2021 in order to get the best Virtual Reality experience from the world of sports:

  • Blood Bowl 3: Oh, what a terrific combination Cyanide, Nacon, and Bigben Interactive have brought to the fold for all sports lovers to enjoy. Combining the fantasy world of popular cult classic video games such as Skyrim, Overlord, and so on, this game has fantasy football at your disposal where instead of Tom Brady, you get ogres, elves, Norse people, and other medieval mythical creatures playing football for you, smashing noses and rushing for the touchdown;
  • Art of Rally: Severely and criminally underrated, this sports-based video game that was released in September 2020 has all the features of the best indie game for rally racing with a host of classic cars being the standing featured champions here. As you explore the 60 levels from Norway to Japan, you will learn several tricks and strategies to get the best results from a top-down view.

So, what are you waiting for? Go right ahead and play these video games and have tons of fun!

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