The Canadian Gaming Association (CGA) has entered into a partnership with the iGaming Academy to launch a full online training solution, including up-to-date compliance and skills training courses and a robust Learning Management System (LMS), all specialized for the gaming industry.

This new partnership will ensure that the gaming companies in Canada are able to easily access high quality, regulator-approved training content year-round.

Training will be available in an interactive online format, and companies will have the option to create their own bespoke online learning portal from the ground up, with the ability to customize course selection, training variables and assign, track, and easily report on employee progress.

“I am very excited to be working with Paul and the CGA to bring this training solution to the Canadian gaming industry. There are a lot of big changes coming and the mission of this partnership and the CGA Academy is to help make sure organisations and their employees have the information and training they need to be successful. Now more than ever it is important to provide training in as economical and effective a way as possible and our eLearning doers just that,” Charles Harper, Head of North America iGaming Academy, said.

“This collaboration with CGA offers operators in Canada a route to conformity through training with the relevant jurisdictional regulations. It’s also future-proofed, with any changes to regulation being applied directly to the training. We’re excited to be bringing a growing portfolio of training for learners in the region,” Jaime Debono, Managing Director of iGaming Academy, said.

“As we pursue our mandate of education and advocacy, we are thrilled to partner with iGaming Academy to provide quality learning and development opportunities that have been designed specifically for the Canadian gaming industry. Having access to up-to-date and relevant training is important given the rapidly changing and increasingly technology-driven nature of our industry, and we look forward to expanding the CGA Academy over the years to come,” Paul Burns, President and CEO of Canadian Gaming Association, said.

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