The US gambling industry has won big at the polls last week, with three states authorizing legal sports betting and three others either approving or expanding casino gambling.

Among the states who are going to approve sports betting are Maryland, South Dakota, and Louisiana. So, by the end of next year, more than half the country could have legal sports betting services.

In addition, Virginia approved casino gambling in four locations, while Nebraska authorized adding casino games at its horse racing tracks, and Colorado expanded the number and type of casino games it can offer, along with eliminating some wagering limits.

“It appears that Americans are becoming increasingly comfortable with legalized gambling. The addition of casinos in Virginia and racetrack casinos in Nebraska indicates that casino-style gambling is on the upswing as well. We have reached a point where voters seem satisfied that legalizing gambling will offer positive returns for their state,” David Schwartz, a gambling historian with the University of Nevada Las Vegas, said.

As the legal system slowly becomes more friendly toward online sports betting, states around the country look toward this growing sector to raise tax revenue.

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