The Legislature of the city of Buenos Aires will address a proposed law on the prevention of gambling addiction and the regulation of online gaming, today (September 24).

The bill was proposed by the Lottery of the City of Buenos Aires (LOTBA), which hopes to give an answer to companies that remain inactive since mandatory social isolation was imposed in Argentina on March 20.

Casino Buenos Aires and the Palermo racecourse are expected to be included in the approval of online gaming. Currently, the law permits LOTBA to prevent holders of land-based licenses from operating online gaming. This would change under the new proposals.

The law also proposes measures on the prevention of gambling addiction, including the regulation of “responsible” gambling advertising, which should not appear on platforms aimed at minors, and the creation of a self-exclusion register for the city of Buenos Aires.

The city of Buenos Aires has already approved a law for online gaming, but it was never regulated and, therefore, never came into force. Now close to two years into the debate, legislators will analyze a new way of regulating the industry.

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