Troy Wyatt, founder of Seattle Entertainment Group, has organized a survey among owners of Native American casinos to figure out how they are tackling the Covid-19 crisis. The participants included  457 tribal chairmen-women and over 230 CEOs of Native American casinos.

The salient results of the survey are compiled below:

  • A majority of casinos (92%) have implemented the safety procedures for smooth re-opening
  • Only 6% of Native American casinos still remain closed
  • Nearly all (97%) said the $8 billion in COVID relief package is not sufficient
  • Only 3% of respondents are confident of regaining normal mode of functioning by the end of this year

Mr. Wyatt elaborated the reasons behind the decision to conduct a survey. “It’s uncomfortable admitting your struggles, and failures or frailty to another person. I was honored to hear the empowered voices from tribal leadership across Indian Country and I’ll never forget what they’ve told me during the survey. When we share our stories, we have the powerful ability to inspire, motivate, and be challenged. It’s reassuring to see more and more tribes working together to share stories, product pricing, and collective ideas.”

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