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Exclusive Q&A w/ Nick McDonald, Account Director at Fujitsu





Fujitsu is on a mission to help companies in the iGaming industry rethink their approach to IT infrastructure. The company has worked in the industry for over seven years, helping companies make the move to hybrid cloud work environments. We sat down with accounts director Nick McDonald to look at Fujitsu’s two leading hybrid cloud solutions, PRIMEFLEX and uSCALE.


Can you introduce Fujitsu’s PRIMEFLEX and uSCALE products?

Our mission at Fujitsu is to change how companies in the iGaming space approach their cloud architecture, and we believe PRIMEFLEX and uSCALE are how we are going to achieve this.


PRIMEFLEX provides companies with an integrated hybrid cloud solution that enables them to maintain an on-site IT presence while also utilising public and private clouds.

This is complemented perfectly by uSCALE, a scalable solution that uses an as-a-service model to allow companies to adjust their costs depending on usage. It provides all of the hardware, software, and services needed on a monthly subscription model. This gives businesses full control over their IT infrastructure and data storage, allowing them to upscale and downscale according to their needs.


What are the benefits for a company switching to a hybrid-cloud environment?

There are a lot of benefits for iGaming companies that decide to switch to a hybrid cloud environment. Not only is it a more sustainable approach, but it also provides them with flexibility, agility, and resilience, all of which are qualities that are essential to success in the current iGaming landscape.


Crucially, a hybrid cloud infrastructure can also improve a company’s bottom line. Products like uSCALE ensure that businesses never spend any more money than they need to on their IT infrastructure, allowing them to invest wisely elsewhere.


How does Fujitsu help iGaming companies transition to a hybrid-cloud infrastructure?

The idea of transitioning to a new IT infrastructure can be daunting, but Fujitsu is there to help every step of the way. We provide standardized implementation and infrastructure support services ensuring smooth infrastructure deployment.

We also help our clients with technical solution support with a single point of contact. This provides instant access to any help and infrastructure support that might be needed. Our aim is to make sure companies feel comfortable using our products and that they can take full advantage of everything they offer.


To get started, we also provide clients access to the uSCALE Price Estimator. This will help give companies an idea of how much they will be spending and, ultimately, saving by switching to uSCALE.


What kind of flexibility does the uSCALE product provide?

uSCALE is a fully flexible consumption-based solution that ensures companies only pay for what they use. The as-a-service model has proven to be a huge hit with our iGaming clients, allowing them to scale according to their needs. It ensures companies are not spending a huge amount on resources that they do not need and do not match their business model and ambition.



Sustainability is a key target for Fujitsu; how can your products help a company achieve its own sustainability and ESG targets?

We have placed sustainbility at the centre of everything we do, and we want to work with companies that share similar goals. We work closely with an ecosystem of partners, including Intel, to help companies find long-term, sustainable solutions to their IT and data problems. We’re looking for long-term solutions to these issues, and we believe switching to a hybrid cloud environment is essential for that.

PRIMEFLEX and uSCALE can both help companies achieve their ESG and sustainability goals. With PRIMEFLEX, uSCALE allows companies to use their resources more efficiently, preventing unnecessary losses and waste. With the monthly subscription model provided, companies do not need to make large, long-term investments in IT equipment every few years, they just pay for what they use.


Can you tell us more about how Fujitsu supports companies as they look to expand into regulated markets?


The iGaming industry is expanding at a rapid rate, and one of the biggest goals for most companies is to enter more regulated markets. Having a hybrid cloud infrastructure and a scalable model like uSCALE can provide companies with the flexibility they need to adjust to new regulations and explore new markets. Remaining agile and being able to adapt as and when you need to is essential in such a competitive industry, and having a hybrid cloud solution can provide that agility.

Data compliance, for example, is hugely importance when going into newly regulated markets, so having a flexible system that can allow you to scale as and when needed can be crucial. Fujitsu has years of experience in the iGaming industry and has worked with clients from all over the world, giving us an insight into what companies need to do to comply with different market regulations.

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