The LatAm region is fast becoming one of the most exciting markets in the industry. With Brazil on the verge of being regulated, we caught up with Diego Salas, Sales Manager at Altenar, to discuss the advantages of the Brazilian market becoming fully legalised and how the sportsbook adapts to the latest trends. 

Brazil’s government just launched the Provisional Measure which looks set to pave the way for the complete regulation of sports betting. What impact do you think this will have on Altenar’s growth in this lucrative market?

Regulated markets are where Altenar thrives and, as a sportsbook provider that enjoys the challenge, a Brazilian regulated market would be of great interest to us and as a result, will propel our product into newer and more exciting iterations that we’ve currently seen.

Brazil has a large player and sports fan base, which allows for greater customisation and the implementation of technologies to achieve this for such a vast and diverse pool of players.

Across LatAm, each country/jurisdiction has different interests in sport – with Mexicans more focused on US sports and Colombians preferring football. How does Altenar customise its sportsbook for different markets and keep up with the latest trends? 

Our sportsbook is centred around this extended idea of flexibility and customisation, meaning that we implement a range of sports, official data providers and offer competitive bonus and sportsbook features to ensure players are catered to while their needs and trends might change over time.

Some of the most interacted with technologies we implement for this high level of customisation is our widgetized front end that allows operators to show only the leagues, sports and odds most preferable to their players. Additionally, we offer the chance for players to change the odds format, choosing American, fractional and/or decimal odds to offer more flexibility.  This was a 2022 development of our sportsbook journey and this has seen great success for our clients.

Colombia was one of the first countries in LatAm to regulate online gambling and is now one of Altenar’s best performing markets. How has the market transformed since 2016 and how has Altenar maintained its foothold in the region?

Colombia has seen tremendous growth and this is thanks to the tighter regulation and the competition this has been invited to the region.

We have been able to nurture our product, clients and their players in Colombia from the beginning of its regulated market, allowing us to tailor our services to the needs of the market space using historical knowledge from 2016 to present and implementing this into our sportsbook and its features.

The Brazilian sports betting market registered a 360% growth between 2020 and 2022. What sets Altenar apart in a region where competition to succeed is higher than ever?

We’re offering highly customisable solutions that brings operators a competitive advantage in markets where competition is extremely high. This is something we’ve achieved in numerous markets that hold similar interests, such as Italy.

Our tools, which includes player props and early payout, are helping operators to engage their players more and in turn this reduces churn rate and increases lifetime value.

Altenar has made a strong start to Q2 by announcing key partnerships in LatAm with Playbonds, GanaPlay and Atomo Gaming. What are your plans for further expansion in the region over the rest of the year?

We aim to continue our expansion through LatAm as it remains a key market for us, and more of the industry is seeing the potential of newer and more seasoned market spaces throughout the region which makes for interesting and much needed competition which is where the sports betting industry, innovation and its technologies thrive.

Additionally, we have also added Winpot to our extensive operator clients and they’ll operate inside Mexico.


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