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Gambless has been developed and fully funded by Mindspa Health; it has not received any contribution from the gambling industry.

Since its launch, the application has helped thousands of vulnerable individuals and provided resources worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for free to problem gamblers.

Thanks to ranking #1 for most ‘gambling addiction’ related keywords in the app stores, all traffic towards the app has been organic, resulting in 96% of the users scoring a mid-to-high level of problematic gambling.

The operators most frequently mentioned by problem gamblers are: Ladbrokes in the UK, DraftKings in the US, PokerStars in Italy, and TAB in Australia

Comparing language clusters, English speakers recorded a severity score 57% higher compared to Italian speakers, possibly also due to the effects of the gambling advertising ban in place in Italy.

You can access the full version of the report here:

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