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GamCare has teamed up with the Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM) to bring an education and support programme to Northern Ireland, with the mission of safeguarding young generation from gambling and gaming-related harms.

The Young People’s Gambling Harm Prevention Programme is a ground-breaking initiative supported by members of the Betting and Gaming Council and has already been rolled out across England and Wales. Both charities deliver evidence-led workshops and resources to teachers, youth workers and directly to young people to help raise awareness of the issues and help prevent harm.

The move has been welcomed by prominent politician Robbie Butler MLA who is the Chair of the Gambling Related Harm in Stormont. Mr Butler has campaigned for new laws to help protect people from gambling-related harms.

“I welcome this social gaming and digital resilience initiative from Youth Work Alliance. When the APG launched our inquiry into how new legislation can reduce gambling related harms, we made it clear that prevention is better than cure. The stronger gambling laws we are hoping for in Northern Ireland need to be backed up by better education to stop harm before it occurs. So therefore, it is hugely encouraging to see the Youth Work Alliance working with YGAM and GamCare to educate and support our young people,” Robbie Butler said.

Youth Work Alliance, a charity based in Belfast, is working with YGAM to deliver evidence-led and evaluated training to teachers and youth workers, in addition to giving them access to City & Guilds assured training and education resources which provide a full curriculum of lesson plans for primary and secondary age children as well as youth work specific resources.

“The work we are doing with YGAM, working alongside GamCare, delivering their training and resources on the ground here in Belfast and across Northern Ireland is going to be a huge benefit to our local communities. Gambling-related harms have been presented as a hidden issue in Northern Ireland for many years, which makes it even more vital for us to ensure children and vulnerable people are informed, educated and safeguarded against the potential harms associated with gambling and increasingly, gaming too,” Stephen Hughes, Development Manager at Youth Work Alliance, said.

“The expansion of our work into Northern Ireland is a great step for this programme. The partnership relationship really makes this work unique so I’m really pleased we, alongside YGAM, will be working with the Youth Work Alliance. No matter where young people are located the challenges they face when dealing with gambling harms are the same. The Young People’s Gambling Harm Prevention Programme will give young people in Northern Ireland the opportunity to explore how gambling might be affecting them in a safe and trusted environment, giving them the tools to make good decisions,” Anna Hemmings, CEO of GamCare, said.

“Having seen first-hand the impact that our work has had in the places we have already rolled out the National Gambling Education Programme in partnership with GamCare, I am thrilled that we are now able, with the support of Youth Work Alliance, to start delivering the programme in Northern Ireland. As well as educating, informing, and safeguarding, it is also vital that we raise awareness and start a conversation about those very personal experiences of gambling related harms in communities across Northern Ireland,” Lee Willows, Founder and CEO of YGAM, said.

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