Cycling is a popular sport around the world and millions of fans are watching major competitions in France, Spain and Italy. Although betting on cycling is not the most popular betting type, it is possible to try it out in many online casinos, including OlyBet online casino.

Cycling covers various disciplines from indoor sprinting to month-long tours. Road racing is the most popular professional form of bicycle racing, in terms of numbers of competitors, events and spectators. One of the most famous road races is the Tour de France. In addition, well-known competitions are held such as the Giro d’Italia and La Vuelta in Spain. These are the events sports bettors are looking out for.

Before placing a bet, you should remember to never do it randomly. It’s important to put some research and due diligence behind every bet. Nowadays, reputed sports betting portals not only offer excellent odds on different possibilities, they also provide expert betting advice on all the well-known cycling events that happen in different parts of the world.

Different types of bets and odds in cycling

As can be expected in any sports event, cycling also features a comprehensive range of bet types. Betting on potential winner is the most popular option, but some of the less popular options are predicting the race winner’s nationality, guessing the winner of a certain stage of the cycling race etc.

Tips for making successful bets

The best way to succeed in betting on cycling is to look for the best odds for several betting offices for a particular competition. The focus should also be on updating cycling knowledge. It is important to review the information of all teams and cyclists, their previous background etc. This is useful advice that should be followed by both novice and experienced sports bettors.

In addition, the following tips will help you make a successful bet:

  • Take the time to research both the men’s and women’s divisions to find out the top 10 cyclists
  • Keep up to date with the latest cycling news, including when tournaments are scheduled, where they are scheduled, and who are participating
  • Before placing a bet, take the time to investigate the weather and the injuries of the cyclists
  • Listen to or read interviews with cyclists to improve your knowledge
  • In-game bets can be used to hedge bets and reduce risk

What are the common cycling bets?

If you’re new to betting on cycling, you might not be sure about all the different bet types available. Here are some of the most common and popular cycling bets in the industry.

Race Winner: If you’ve got a hunch about which cyclist will win a race, you can place a bet on them.

Top 3 Finish: If you think a cyclist has a good chance of finishing in the top 3, you can place a bet on them. As long as your selected cyclist finishes in third place or better, you’ll win.

Top 10 Finish: Similar to the top 3 finish above, a top 10 finish expands things even further.

Stage Betting: Besides just betting on the overall winner of a cycling race, you can also wager on the winners for individual stages.

Futures Betting: With this bet type, you can bet on things like the winner of a race well before it happens. This type of bet is risky, but can be very profitable.

King of the Mountain: Many of the cycling races, including the Tour de France and Giro d’ Italia, have mountain stages. For these races, a King of the Mountain award is given to the cyclist that’s the best overall climber of the competition.

Young Rider Betting: This type of bet offers you the ability to bet on young cyclists in different events. Typically, you’ll be choosing which rider under the age of 25 you believe will earn the most significant number of points throughout a race.

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