GameFly is announcing its new online store. Open to all, the new GameFly store will offer new consoles, controllers, games, and limited-edition collectibles, in addition to the service’s selection of used games. GameFly members will be able to access additional exclusive offers, such as in-demand consoles like the new PS5 and Xbox Series X and games at highly competitive prices.

“We’ve been working very hard in the last several months to upgrade what we provide for subscribers,” says Tim Hinsley, GameFly president. “We’ve rolled out our new store, as we know the frustration of hunting down a new console or a popular game. We’re trying to make it ridiculously easy for GameFly members to get all their gaming needs in one place.”

GameFly members will get first access to a wide range of games, hardware, and cool Funko collectables. One recent example: GameFly secured a number of PS5s for members–and they sold out of their inventory in an hour. More cool deals and bundles are coming up, as the holiday shopping season approaches.

Though the new store points to the changes underway at the long-standing gaming service, one thing is staying the same: GameFly’s subscription price. GameFly’s core membership rates have stayed the same for 10 years. In a time of rapidly rising rates for entertainment and other subscriptions, on top of general fatigue, “that’s one thing we don’t want to change,” Hinsley explains. “We’ve held the line on price, even as we’ve expanded our offerings, both in game rentals and in our store.”

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