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Following detailed research and expert industry knowledge, LeanBackPlayer has published a report on the health of the gambling industry, giving readers an invaluable insight into current trends and what the future may hold.

LeanBackPlayer has collected the whole spectrum of the critical data to bring readers a complete picture of the current situation in the gaming industry.

The worldwide crisis of COVID has turned the entire economy on its head, leaving huge swathes of it in absolute turmoil; but how has the gambling industry fared in these troubled times?

This fascinating article breaks down the various angles on the COVID situation and leaves the reader with a much deeper understanding of the issues that will impact millions of gamblers, industry insiders and the economy as a whole for years to come.

Could The Future Of Online Gambling Be Recession Proof?

It has long been said that gambling is not a recession proof sector of the economy but the unusual circumstances of the current COVID crisis has brought even this long held adage into question.

People have been spending far longer at home due to lockdowns, spending a large proportion of their time online. This has meant that the negative impacts on the online gaming industry, while still significant, have been mitigated to some degree compared to other comparable sectors of the economy.

However, other factors that need to be taken into account include the restrictions on sporting events which has spelt disaster for bookies around the globe, the tax revenues that gambling generates and the prospects for the brick and mortar gambling sector.

Online casinos have been able to keep their doors open, and even though the largest generator of revenue remains the Slot machines, there is a gradual increase in the diversity of player’s preferences as their brick and mortar options remain limited.

Is The Trend Moving Towards Online Gaming?

Ever since the introduction of online gaming, the virtual casino has been slowly capturing more and more of the market share, taking players from brick and mortar institutions and bringing them to online platforms instead.

There are concerns among experts who have pointed out that the ability to gamble from the comfort of one’s own home may be leading to more problematic gambling behaviours. The impact of the COVID crisis in 2020 has not yet been fully analyzed in the context of problematic gambling by experts, however in their recently published article, LeanBackPlayer breaks down some of the key observations on this societal issue, and many others, in a clear and concise way.

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