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Since the start of the pandemic, Meridian Gaming group of companies has striven to help local communities on several continents.

This company’s contribution in fighting pandemics is impressive, as Meridian Gaming Group presented its 2021 results in combating the pandemic and reported it had donated over 1.000.000 EUR to Covid-related projects and charities, having reached more than 350 hospitals and medical centers of Europe, LATAM, and Africa.

For over 18 months now, Meridian Gaming keeps supporting national hospitals and medical centers, safe houses, transfusion centers, gerontology centers, social welfare NGOs, health foundations throughout Southeast Europe, European Union, LATAM, Central America, Africa, and Asia.

The company has also partnered with World Health Organization (WHO) to help its global Covid-19 Relief and Solidarity Response Plan. Thanks to companies like Meridian, the WHO has been able to support the world’s most vulnerable countries in their efforts to roll out COVID-19 response campaigns.

Meridian Gaming Group is a record holder of its kind in the campaign to repair the social-economic consequences of the pandemic.

As other serious diseases are active amid the pandemic, the Meridian group of companies has for years supported the fight of children, their parents, and national humanitarian foundations for timely treatment of SMA with their donations.

Our communities have been tested and tempted as never before – that is why the example of Meridian reminds us that global solidarity is the only sustainable value in times of uncertainty.

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