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Aggregator and platform GrooveGaming has skillfully signed a partnership with innovative games studio Skillzzgaming who are renowned for developing match-3 games as well as games from other genres that have attracted significant adoption across the iGaming industry.

Skillzzgaming have a reputation for pushing the creative envelope, mixing casual gaming formats with real money game foundations, and have paved the way for the gaming industry by introducing new gaming genres to the scene, one of the primary reasons underpinning the partnership with GrooveGaming, who have been pioneering genres across their platform in terms of Real Casino, blockchain-based games and other powerful new segments and verticals.

Founded 7 years ago, Skillzzgaming develops premium games that are played in hundreds of casinos worldwide with familiar titles such as 10/20: Galactic Lines, Lucky Bill’s Bounty Blast, Olympus Fury, Hippie Days, Monster Blast, Alchemy Blast, Pets Go Wild, Fruit Blast, Gems Odyssey, Mega Money Rush and Battle Royale.

Skillzzgaming’s ‘match-3 games’ broke the mould as the first of their kind to enter casinos and mark the emergence of a new game genre to the iGaming industry. Players reveal new content as they progress, which immerses them further into the games and motivates them to keep playing. They can also unlock time-based bonus events, during which players can win bigger prizes, a new and revolutionary feature for real money gaming.

With a unique service concept at the heart of its business model, GrooveGaming has made it easy for the industry to connect to the game aggregation platform and this plug-and-play format combined with best-in-class technology has helped set the aggregator apart.

GrooveGaming’s development is strongly influenced by taking into account the constantly changing landscape of the iGaming space, keeping the company thin with high-end technology and incorporating the art of balancing price to service, with service as important as the technical solution in GrooveGaming’s management thinking.

By combining thousands of games from over 70 content providers including Skillzzgaming, GrooveGaming enables operators to manage different game features such as bonuses and free spins from a single back-office, called GrooveOne. For online operators to access new and entertaining casino content, GrooveGaming provides a flexible and seamless content aggregation technology created to maximise revenue.

Lior Aziz, co-founder and COO at Skillzzgaming said: “The objective at Skillzzgaming from the very beginning has been to develop our games using cutting-edge technology, innovative creative thought, carefully crafted art, and fine mathematics. On top of that, we strive to give our partners the best service which is what we found attractive in GrooveGaming who share our passion for robust technology and exceptional service, we look forward to being creative and daring to explore together.”

Yahale Meltzer, COO at GrooveGaming said: “Skillzzgaming’s success is based on producing high-quality games that offer highly entertaining and engaging content, which we will now take to our operator cluster. We have absolutely no doubt that they will appreciate the rewards of games that use the latest ground-breaking technology to drive new revenue and deliver a range of original player experiences.”

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