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During this year of a global pandemic, where gaming rules and habits have completely changed, Custom has recorded and developed solutions suitable to a wide range of applications, with the target to listen and support the market in the best way.

Today “digital transformation” is not a differentiating element, but the minimum essential element to be competitive: social distances and maximum attention to hygiene are the two main aspects at the base of all markets; for these reasons, mobile solutions will be the main characters for the next 6 months.

Pandemic has brought to deep changes on markets habits. Custom has promptly reacted and will continue to invest to propose the right solutions. All digital and self-service solutions saw an important acceleration.  Realities as Custom make the difference thanks to different expertises and transversal solutions given to Gaming & Betting market, to help at maximum players, workers, employees and Governments.

Despite self-service and scanning solutions big increase, Custom is registering a great interest in lotteries market for the hardware, software and services that can combine the forces: Kube II Lottery and P3 printers, which have distinguished themselves worldwide being speedy, reliable and above all extremely robust printers, combined with multi-platform terminals are increasing customer satisfaction and gaming experience. Alessandro Mastropasqua, Head of Corporate Marketing & Press Communication of Custom Group comments:  «Offering technology to support gaming, lottery & betting and to support the consumer is the goal we have always pursued». 

Covid-19 pandemic has prompted retail to evolve traditional store towards greater interaction between online and offline, the same we think is going on also in gaming, lottery and betting, between digital platforms and physical betting stores.  Custom has improved all digital solutions through Netrising, a company of Custom Group, today leader in Italy for APPS development.

Particular mention to AR (increased reality) solutions, introduced in latest ICE editions, launching additional multimedia elements not found in real life (Custom has been the first firm presenting these augmented solutions to support the hardware both online and offline modes) and to Color R-evolution through “TK306, the smallest Electro-Photographic printer for a simple and fast color layout customization”, a solution capable of “increasing graphic appeal” to enjoy a unique, special color experience. Hardware + software: the genuine extra multimedia content, included even in protected environments and existing gaming software. The real solutions for the new future: an integrated solution capable of “increasing information and content” to enjoy a unique, specialist gaming experience. Custom has improved hardware with easy-to-use technologies with the most innovative Augmented Reality Experience.

Nowadays, Augmented Reality is highly technological support from both a commercial and a corporate viewpoint. It’s a genuine tool that should be included in business strategies that increasingly have to deal with highly competitive markets such as Gaming, Lottery and Betting. Custom has developed fully customized solutions that guarantee our representatives’ unique live experiences, in-store, or through online channels; solutions to present products to clients for purchasing and as part of training or maintenance”. As ever, Custom has the ability to develop technology in-house, customizing it on the basis of client needs. It is essential to understand the technology best suited to the target and then, as a result, to choose how to overlay multimedia elements onto the real world. This way, the Group can offer a range of applications that can be used in-store or externally to customize the gaming experience as part of Gaming, Lottery and Betting. Genuine, innovative solutions to provide extra content, to present new products, to introduce specific promotions and even to interact with the services while ensuring optimized costs, continuous training and an “always-on” service. There are numerous, solid benefits linked to new solutions presented by Custom Group; the effects can be used to increase business and to create customer loyalty but also as part of promo communication, for example on social networks in Instagram Stories.

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