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We are excited to announce that our team at Strictly Limited Games was able to secure the rights of SEGA/Westone’s sensational arcade game Clockwork Aquario. After being a long time in the making, we finally can proudly announce that we will bring the lost arcade game treasure to life.

The origins of Clockwork Aquario go back to 1992 where the development and publishing of the game stopped due to the dominating trend of fighting games and 3D games back at that time. Westone is known as the company that invented the Wonder Boy IP which could be described as SEGA’s mascot series until Sonic became the official representative of the Japanese arcade giant. So it’s certainly no exaggeration to state that Westone determined the taste and genre preferences of many gamers in the 1980s and early 1990s.

It’s part of the mission of our label Strictly Limited Games to unearth gems like Sega/Westone’s Clockwork Aquario or DICE’s Ultracore that are an essential part of the video game culture and history.

So Strictly Limited Games started to find the whereabouts of the game three years ago. With a lot of hard work and the commitment of everyone involved – including numerous members of the original Westone team that developed Clockwork Aquario 27 years ago – the game could finally be restored.

ININ Games, another label of United Games Entertainment, then joined forces to make a digital release available to a broader audience of SEGA/Westone fans worldwide and thereby helped to convince SEGA, LAT and the Westone team of the importance of a revival of Clockwork Aquario.

The release of the colorful arcade game is planned for late 2020. Various physical and digital  editions will be distributed worldwide by Strictly Limited Games and ININ Games, respectively.

More information will follow soon. Visit and subscribe to the mailing list to stay up-to-date.

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