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Lokomotive Leipzig have sold over 140.000 e-tickets to their secret football match which will be streamed live on the club’s social and digital media channels of Facebook, Youtube and Instagram on the 8th May at 20:30 CET and then made available for regular rerun. Incredible for a club in the fourth division of German professional football league with average attendances of 3,000. The purpose of this match is to raise funds to support the financial pressures of the club’s staff and facility costs during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The match has not only won the hearts and minds of local fans, but also, the German public and international supporters who now represent 9% of tickets sold. Overseas media like the BBC has picked up on the story spreading the word far and wide.

Based on the range of the channels (approx. 200,000 people / month), a high frequency can be expected.

To raise further funds LOK Leipzig has exclusively appointed Sponsor.Online to engage with sponsors and corporate donors. The club uses the digital marketplace to manage its profile and sponsorship inventory. A variety of digital sponsorship and advertising inventory is now available for the match.

As part of the digital campaign match details and content is being gradually released as build-up to game day. What has been revealed so far is that the match will be live streamed from the stadium with English commentary.

The commercial offer will be publicly announced as of Monday, 10 am CET.

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